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Annotate like a pro with Polygons

Even if you're not a professional annotator and it's your first time using the CVAT interface, you can still annotate your small or large projects quickly and accurately. 

Here are 7 tips to help you achieve professional-level annotation speeds and precision:

1: Master keyboard shortcuts: CVAT offers a variety of keyboard shortcuts for actions such as creating, editing, and deleting polygons. For example, click N to apply the same label again on the same picture, or use D and F to move between frames. 

Here is an examples of annotation made with and without shortcut. When you hold Shift, you do not need a click to place a point on the canvas. Here is a full list of shortcuts.

2: Start by identifying and labeling simple shapes, such as circles and rectangles for the same category of objects: Initially, focus on annotating objects with basic forms like circles and rectangles prior to handling intricate polygons. This approach will help you build confidence and improve your annotation speed.

3: Using automatic borders allows you to automatically trace the outline of polygons existing in the annotation.

4: Consistently label the same kind of object throughout the entire image set. Afterwards, return to the first frame and proceed with annotating the subsequent type of object.

5: Zoom for precision: When working on detailed or small objects, zoom in to ensure accurate annotations and avoid time-consuming corrections later.

6: Use special features that are available for some models, for example Segment Anything Model (SAM) + Convert to polygons. Like that you can quickly annotate objects and correct them where it is needed.

7: Paid features: Take advantage of Automatic Annotation. This feature employs deep learning algorithms to automatically generate a polygon around an object. Use this tool to accelerate the annotation process, making adjustments to the polygon as needed. Polygon models for automatic annotation can be added from Hugging Face and Roboflow, for more informations see:

Streamline annotation by integrating Hugging Face and Roboflow models.
Accelerate annotation with Roboflow.

And most obvious step is to familiarize yourself with CVAT interface and features.

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June 21, 2023
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