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Built-in data annotation instructions in CVAT

Are you tired of the hassle involved in providing instructions to your annotation team? CVAT has introduced an exciting new feature that streamlines the annotation process by simplifying how you share instructions with your annotators.

In today's article, we'll explore this feature and how it can enhance your annotation workflow.

Introducing the built-in data annotation instructions

The feature eliminates the need for separate tools or external resources when providing data annotation specification. Previously, you had to create specifications using tools like Google Docs and then link or send them separately via CVAT or email. 

However, CVAT has made it easier by integrating markdown instructions for your data annotation team directly into the CVAT interface. Available in one click.

Creating and modifying data annotation instructions

CVAT now has an built-in Markdown editor where you can easily create and modify a document with annotation instructions for your team. The editor provides a live preview of the formatted text, allowing you to see the results as you type. You can use the top toolbar for formatting options or write directly in raw Markdown.  For more information, see Markdown Cheat Sheet.

Adding Text, Visuals, and Code

The new feature supports various media types, including text, images and links. You can add images by providing the URL or by drag-and-drop or pasting directly into the editor. Additionally, you can include links to external resources. If code examples are needed, you can seamlessly incorporate them into the instructions using Markdown's code formatting.

Enhanced Collaboration and Accessibility

With the feature, collaboration becomes more efficient, as data annotation instructions can be shared through CVAT and tasks.

But who can edit the created annotation instructions? 

If you are an individual user, and the instructions are linked to a project, only the project owner and assignee will have the authority to modify the markdown document. 

If the instructions are linked to the task, then the owner of the tasks and assignee can modify it as needed.

For organizations, editing rights will have owner, assignee and maintainer for both projects and tasks. 

In all cases, annotators assigned to the job can view the data annotation instructions but cannot make changes. 

Instant Access and Improved Workflow

The data annotation instructions can be easily accessed. 

By clicking on the guide icon in the top right corner of the screen, annotators can quickly access all the necessary information without navigating through multiple tabs or external resources. 

This streamlines the workflow and ensures a smoother annotation process.

Watch the Video for a Visual Overview

Watch the video for a visual demonstration of the feature and discover how it can improve your data annotation experiece and collaboration.

Thank you for choosing CVAT!

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July 5, 2023
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