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Connect Microsoft Azure Blob Storage as Cloud Storage in for Data Storage, Data Import, and Data Export

Welcome to an easy-to-follow tutorial that will make your experience with image annotation and video annotation  better than ever before! Today, we are excited to show you how to connect Cloud and Microsoft Azure smoothly and easily.

Get ready for an amazing journey where your data will be kept safe and well-organized in Microsoft Azure Blob Storage, and made better with data labeling tools from This combination makes moving data between the two very easy, helping you access and label your data without hassle keeping your important labels safe in Microsoft Azure’s secure online object storage solution.

Our guide will take you through each step, starting with getting to know Microsoft Azure and Azure Blob Storage—making your own storage space and filling it with images and videos ready to be labeled. After getting things ready, we’ll show you how to use Cloud to connect to Microsoft Azure storage and find your data easily.

You’ll learn how to create and manage projects and tasks that work well with Microsoft Azure, making sure your images and videos are easily moved to Cloud for labeling.The process of adding labels is easy and fast, helping you get your data ready for whatever you need next.

To see all these steps in action, watch the video:

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Happy Annotating!

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October 25, 2023
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