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CONTACT US & HUMAN Protocol: A New Dawn in Visual Data Annotation

In a world where artificial intelligence (AI) is expanding at an unprecedented pace, the demand for accurately labeled data is at an all-time high. is a well-known open-source platform in the data annotation field, specifically designed for visual data annotation tasks.

HUMAN Protocol, on the other hand, is an innovative framework that facilitates job markets on the blockchain. It connects humans with machine-based requests, allowing for secure, decentralized job completion. By integrating with, HUMAN Protocol unlocks the potential for a global workforce to contribute to data annotation projects, ensuring quality and scale like never before.

Together, and HUMAN Protocol are carving a new path in visual data annotation.

Mastering Image Annotation with and HUMAN Protocol

Old-school ways of labeling data — using either your team or people from the crowd — are hitting their limits. They're often too expensive, not good enough, and they don't scale up well, which can lead to missing important deadlines. It's clear we require a big change.

That's where the game-changing partnership between and HUMAN Protocol comes in. We are shaking things up with a new solution that uses blockchain technology. By using  “smart contracts”, this collaboration spreads out the workload among freelance annotators around the globe and makes sure everything runs smoothly.

To learn more about the technical aspects, feel free to check our last article about Mastering Image Annotation with and HUMAN Protocol.

The reach of this project is huge, as it will connect with millions of workers all over the world, making sure big projects get done on time. This initiative transcends mere efficiency; it's about guaranteeing timely completion and changing the approach to managing project timelines. Moreover, it promises to make a significant impact on the industry by accurately annotating data, thereby preventing AI hallucination and enhancing overall system reliability. and HUMAN Protocol aren't just joining the market; they're setting new rules for how visual data should be labeled. This move is changing the game, leading us to an exciting place where tech smarts and human skills come together to do amazing things.

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November 15, 2023
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