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This article is a simple guide on's Pricing plans to help you find the best fit for your budget and needs. Whether you're working alone, building a business, or running a big company, has options for everyone.  Let's figure out how can help you with your data labeling projects without breaking the bank.

The article includes the following sections:

  • Free Plan: Designed for Personal Use, Comes with Limitations
  • Paid Plans: Overview
  • Solo Plan: Tailored for Personal Use
  • Team Plan: Tailored for Collaboration
  • Enterprise Plan: The Ultimate Solution for Large-Scale Operations
  • Plans: Video Tutorial

Free Plan: Designed for Personal Use, Comes with Limitations

There are three key points to remember about the Free plan:

  • It's completely free of charge.
  • It comes with certain limitations.
  • It's intended for personal use.

With the Free plan, you can add tasks, annotate datasets, and export annotations. However, there are specific restrictions in place.

Here's a detailed breakdown of the limitations:

  • Maximum of three Projects: Under the Free plan, you're allowed to create up to three individual projects. Each project acts as a separate container for a set of related tasks.
  • Five tasks per Project: Within each of these three projects, you can add up to five tasks. A task typically has one or more annotation jobs.
  • Ten tasks across all Projects: Overall, you're limited to a total of ten tasks across all your projects outside organizations at the same time. Consider subscribing if you need to annotate and store more data. 
  • Ten Webhooks per Project: For each project, you can set up to ten webhooks. Webhooks are useful for automating workflows, like receiving updates or triggering actions when certain events happen in your project.
  • One Cloud Storage: You can only connect one cloud storage account to your Free plan. This storage is where your data sets are kept for annotation.
  • No Automated Annotation: Automated annotation, which uses AI models to pre-label your data, isn’t available in the Free plan. You'll have to label all data manually.
  • No dataset exports with images included: While you can export your annotations, the Free plan doesn't allow you to export the images/videos along with these annotations.
  • Monthly limits on Semi-Automatic Annotations: If you're using semi-automatic annotation tools (like the Segment Anything model), there are monthly usage limits. These limits restrict how much you can use these tools within a month.
  • Not suitable for Collaborative Projects: The Free plan is designed for individual use and doesn't support features needed for team collaboration, like multiple-user access or project sharing.

These limitations are important to consider when choosing the Free plan, as they directly affect how you can manage and execute your annotation projects.

Paid Plans: Overview

Experience the full potential of your annotation workflow with paid plans. Designed to cater to your growing needs, paid plans remove constraints as follows:

  • Unlimited Projects: Any paid plan allows you to create an unlimited number of Projects. This gives you the flexibility to organize and manage various annotation tasks without any restrictions.
  • Unlimited Tasks: You can add as many tasks as you need within each project. There's no cap on the number of tasks, allowing you to tackle extensive and diverse annotation jobs.
  • Unlimited Webhooks: With the paid  plan, there's no limit to the number of webhooks per Project. This feature enables you to automate your workflow extensively, enhancing productivity and efficiency.
  • Multiple Cloud Storages: You're not limited to just one cloud storage. The paid plan allows you to connect multiple cloud storage accounts, providing ample space and flexibility for your datasets.
  • Access to Automated Annotation: The paid plan includes access to automated annotation features, which use AI models to speed up the annotation process.
  • Export images with Annotations: In addition to exporting annotations, the paid plan allows you to export images and videos along with their annotations, offering more comprehensive data management.
  • No monthly limits on Semi-Automatic Annotation: You can freely use semi-automatic annotation tools like the Segment Anything model without any monthly usage restrictions.

However, there are specific limitations associated with each paid plan, which will be lifted according to the plan you select based on your needs.

Solo Plan: Tailored for Personal Use

The Solo plan comes at a price of $33/Month and offers a unique set of features. It's designed specifically for personal use, making is ideal for individual developers or hobbyists who require advanced data annotation capabilities without the need for team collaboration.

Team Plan: Tailored for Collaboration

The Team plan is priced at $33 per member/ Month with minimum two members ( for example: Owner + worker) and is expertly crafted for collaboration among developers and teams. Th

With the Team plan, you can create Organization and invite Team members with  unlimited access to all CVAT features for every team member.

Enterprise Plan: Self-hosted Solution for Large-Scale Operations

The Enterprise Plan starts from $10000/ year and is designed for large businesses and organizations seeking to utilize CVAT on their own premises. Tailored to accommodate the extensive data annotation requirements of enterprise-level operations, this plan offers the following benefits upon subscription:

  • Image and video annotations - Unlimited
  • Training and consultations - 4 hours per month
  • SSO & LDAP integration
  • Security updates and reports - 1/month
  • Email support with 24-hour SLA
  • Live chat support for critical issues
  • Dedicated support engineer

Any questions left? Talk to sales!

For more details, see our video tutorial

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November 22, 2023
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