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Embedded Vision Summit 2024: Recognized as a Top-Choice Tool

It's always great to receive feedback, and it's even better when that feedback is positive. So this week starts off with some good news: (that once took part in the conference) was acknowledged as one of the most popular annotation tools, outpacing  direct competitors, and ranking just behind in-house and custom solutions.

Here's the proof:


What is Annotation at Embedded Vision Summit 2024 (EVS 2024)

The Embedded Vision Summit 2024 is a conference focused on the latest technologies in embedded vision. It brings together engineers, researchers, and business leaders to explore advances in computer vision and AI technologies that are designed to be implemented in hardware such as cameras, robots, and sensors. 

This event highlights innovations that enable machines to visually interpret and understand the world around them, demonstrating practical applications and trends across various industries. EVS is an essential platform for networking, learning about the newest technologies, and discovering practical techniques for implementing vision capabilities in real-world applications.

Why Stands Out is well known by the professionals  for being one of the most used tools in the field for managing and automating training data. is an open-source, and has two versions:

  • Self-hosted version  offers unmatched flexibility and customization, allowing users to tailor it perfectly to fit their specific project needs. It can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures, making it a favorite among developers and corporate tech teams aiming to keep their annotation workflows in-house.
  • Cloud-version offers the same powerful features as the self-hosted version, with added convenience and scalability. This version provides users with quick setup and no maintenance concerns. It's an ideal solution for teams that require immediate access to annotation tools without the complexity of managing their own server infrastructure.

This recognition at the Embedded Vision Summit 2024 not only validates the effectiveness of CVAT but also highlights its essential role in the ongoing evolution of computer vision technologies.

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May 29, 2024
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