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Unlock Swift Image and Video Annotation with and Hugging Face Integration!

In the rapidly increasing field of computer vision, the acquisition of accurately annotated data is paramount. With, this process is not just accelerated but also optimized to ensure high-quality outputs. The platform's seamless integration with Hugging Face models guarantees an efficient annotation experience, ideal for both image annotation and video annotation tasks.

All starts with  a task that we aim to annotate swiftly and precisely using a model. But let’s imagine that an appropriate model for your needs isn’t readily available within This is where Hugging Face comes to the rescue! It opens up a plethora of models, visibly arranged, allowing for easy selection of the most fitting model for your use case. All you have to do is to choose one and add it to

To integrate your chosen model, you'll require the model URL and the API Key available in your Hugging Face profile. Once added, watch the model appear in the "Models" section of interface, ready to facilitate your annotation endeavors.

For those on the Free plan, semi-automatic annotation is available—just follow the above instructions and navigate to the task to start annotating. 

For those seeking a more refined experience, the auto-annotation feature, available with our paid Solo and Team plans, is your go-to option. 

Once annotations are complete, review the results and export the annotated data in your preferred format. And there you have it! Your annotated dataset ready to be used with your CV models.

To witness the entire process in action and to glean more insights, watch our detailed tutorial video here!

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Happy Annotating!

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September 27, 2023
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