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CVAT joins the NVIDIA Inception program!

Exciting News! Joins the NVIDIA Inception Program! 🎉 What does it mean for you?

Before diving into the list of benefits, lets cover some basics:

NVIDIA Inception is a global program designed to accelerate the growth of innovative AI and data science start-ups.

Computer Vision Annotation Tool ( is a rapidly growing startup in the field of visual data labeling for AI models.

The partnership between the NVIDIA Inception program and opens up incredible opportunities for growth, innovation, and collaboration in the AI and computer vision industry, and it is beneficial for both parties. And also for you!

And here we come to the main question: what does all this mean for you as a user?

  • Reliability and performance: The collaboration between and NVIDIA means that as a user, you can expect to use NVIDIA's advanced hardware technologies, such as powerful GPUs. This will result in improved performance, faster processing, and more accurate results when using for data labeling and AI model training.
  • Recognition and trust:'s acceptance into the NVIDIA Inception program is a big deal! It means that NVIDIA, a well-known and respected company in technology, believes in's potential. This acknowledgment highlights's outstanding ability to succeed and grow in the AI and computer vision industry. When NVIDIA trusts us, you can trust us too!
  • Getting things done faster and better: now has access to helpful guidance, mentorship, and training from the NVIDIA Inception program. This support will supercharge the CVAT platform, allowing it to develop new and improved features. As a result, you'll enjoy even more innovative and advanced tools from for annotating computer vision projects. Faster and more accurate features are on the way!
  • Working together for a better future: By joining the NVIDIA Inception Program, is teaming up with other startups, researchers, and industry experts. It means brilliant minds will come together to share ideas, work on exciting projects, and learn from each other. This teamwork will drive advancements in AI and computer vision, leading to better tools and resources for your data labeling needs. Get ready to benefit from the collective expertise and industry impact of this collaboration!

So, prepare for improved technology, more innovation, and collaborations that will bring you amazing tools and resources. It's pretty cool, right? We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments! Share your opinion with us! 🎉✨

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June 29, 2023
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