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Today marks a remarkable day for, as we've reached an extraordinary milestone: 10,000 stars on GitHub! 

This great achievement is a reflection of the hard work by our dedicated developers, but more importantly, it represents the growing community of users and contributors who believe in the potential and utility of the CVAT platform. 

We're incredibly proud and grateful, and we want to take this opportunity to say

Thank you!

From the very beginning, CVAT was conceived as an open-source project aimed at making the complex task of Computer Vision data annotation simpler and more efficient. But the success that we are celebrating today is not ours alone; it's a success shared with each and every individual who has contributed to the project. Whether you've written code, reported bugs, suggested enhancements, or even just given us a star on GitHub, you've played a crucial role in getting us here.

We're particularly proud of:

  • Robust Annotation Features: Our focus on creating a powerful, yet user-friendly annotation tool has been met with overwhelming appreciation. 
  • Community Contributions: We've received contributions from developers around the globe, making not just a tool but a community project. 
  • SaaS in the Cloud: We've reached 50,000 subscribers in just one year and have added numerous high-quality features to expedite and improve the accuracy of annotations.
  • Enterprise Self-hosted: We're thrilled to see CVAT being adopted for complex, large-scale projects in industry settings.

We are expressing our deepest gratitude to everyone who has supported us. The 10,000 stars is not just a number; it is a testament to the strength and commitment of a community that shares our vision. Thank you for believing in us and for contributing to our mutual success. We promise to continue earning each and every one of your stars.

Here's to the next milestone!

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Share your opinion and stay tuned!

Happy annotating!

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September 5, 2023
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